Stunning Engagement Rings

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Stunning Engagement Rings

Meeting with Bec from Hunter Valley Diamonds was an amazing experience, I learnt so much from her in such a small amount of time. Everyone knows about the 4C’s when buying a diamond:

Colour: This is graded from D to Z from clear white to yellow,

Clarity: This is the unique fingerprint or markings that every diamond has and is graded from VVS1 to I3,

Cut: Again graded from Excellent to Poor and is based on the light that is reflected from the diamond by the angels it is cut on,

Carat: Is the weight of the diamond and bigger is not always best when it comes to diamonds.

But after speaking with Bec I learnt that there is one more VERY important C that is overlooked. That’s right 5C’s the Certificate, not the evaluation that your jeweller will give you, I mean a Certificate that is from GIA  stating every facet of your diamond to the international standard not the jewellers opinion.

I also learnt that there are different grades of white gold, this happens in the metal mixing process and you can be assured that Hunter Valley Diamonds only uses the highest grade, this means that the white gold doesn’t discolour and go yellow.

Hunter Valley Diamonds offers a life time cleaning and polishing service for all of their beautifully designed one of a kind engagement and wedding rings.

The level of care and quality in these stunning bespoke wedding and engagement ring is second to none. I feel that any gentlemen wanting the perfect engagement ring for his soon to be fiancé would make a very well informed decision  after having a one on one consultation with Bec. If he was unsure of the design that would best suit his fiancé, he can propose with the diamond and then the bride to be can design the ring herself, this is a win win for all concerned.

To all you lovely ladies who already have a ring on it but may not be 100% happy with the design, Hunter Valley Diamonds can come to your aid and reset the diamond for you.

The process is step by step with the focus on the right diamond for the right lady and not about up selling or pushy sales.

Step 1 consultation, this is more about educating you on the 5C’s

Step 2 selecting the perfect diamond

Step 3 can be done after or before the proposal, designing the one off bespoke setting for the prefect diamond.

Step 4  are stunning sketches of your dream bespoke design

Step 5 once approved the ring is made and fitted.

Step 6 a lifetime of cleaning and polishing your beautiful one of kind wedding and engagement ring

Email Bec on or phone 0410 583 559 for more information and please please forward this to anyone who you know is going the pop the question.



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