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Tuesday Tips

Wedding Tip #1 Before trying on wedding dresses ensure you have the correct underwear on. Follow my blog for more free tips every Tuesday.

There are a few reasons why this is important 1st You don’t want (VPL) visible panty line, 2nd The sales consultant will most likely be in the fitting room with you to help you get in and out of the gowns. 3rd If you are having your gown made it will be made to suit the underwear you have on, so for best results don’t change your underwear once you have had your 1st fitting. 4th You may select a gown that is fully boned and therefore no need to wear a bra at all because the boning in the gown will be all the support you need. Unfortunately the underwear that will be best suited under most wedding gowns are… you guessed it the skin coloured granny undies, I recommend a quick change before the groom has a chance to see, to avoid a Bridget Jones Scene.


Wedding Tip 2# Don’t get a fake tan just before trying on gowns, the tan can come off and mark the gown

If you would like a tan for your wedding day just make sure it is done two days beforehand, that way the tan is less likely to come off on to your gown on the day and in the fitting room. Some bridal shops may ask for a dry cleaning charge to get it offTan


Tuesday Tip #3 Try not to go shopping for your wedding gown on the weekend.

The reasons for avoiding shopping for a wedding gown on the weekend are:

#1 it’s very busy and difficult to get the one on one services from the wedding consultant

#2 you may have to wait until there is an available fitting room,

#3 the dress you want to try on may be on another bride,

#4 it can be hard to get a spot in front of the mirror to look at yourself in the gown,

#5 parking can also be tricky. Every bride deserves the one on one service and the time it takes to find the perfect gown.


Tuesday Tip #4 Petticoats have come along way! If your dress requires a petticoat make sure it’s the correct size for the dress and you wear it the correct way, that is the tulle on the outside with the cotton side on your skin. When you pick up your petticoat it will most likely be packed in-side-out, this is so the tulle doesn’t rip while transporting it. The easiest way to turn it in the right way, is to put your hand up the inside of the petticoat and hold on to the waistband and pull it back through. Never press the tulle it will burn and melt very easily.

Petticoat 2

Tuesday Tip #5 If you are wanting to have your dress made to measure or would like time with a wedding designer you must book an appointment to have a one on one consultation.

Tip #5

No appointments are required at Shazzam, Calabro and Belles and Beaux  but are at Gracelynn Couture , and the Hills in Hollywood just to give you an idea. If you are unsure if an appointment is required call before you go to avoid disappointment.

Tuesday Tip #6 Check you can sit down in your gown before you make your final choice. When you are seated look at your bust line, waist line and the hip line is not tight.

Tip number 6

 Tuesday Tip #7 If you can’t step into your gown and have to put it on over your head, your hair and make up will done 1st on your wedding day. So you don’t mess it up put a pillow slip over your head beforehand, this will stop make up getting on the gown and reduce damaging your hair.

tip 7


Tuesday Tip #8 If you are between sizes when ordering your wedding gown always go up in size. The reasons are 1.The sample gown will stretch just like when you try shoes on, 2. It is much easier to take a gown in rather than letting it out 3. If your gown has a lace overlay or is beaded and you have to let the seams out you may find that there is no lace or beading in the seam allowance leaving you with a patch of satin or lining.

Tip #8


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